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ASR welcomes Announcement by Attorney-General’s Department– Australia to join APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules SystemAustralian Services Roundtable (ASR)

November 23, 2017 By Alina Bain

Australian Services Roundtable (ASR) welcomes the announcement by The Attorney-General’s Department, that Australia will join the APEC Cross Border Data Privacy Rules (CBPR) System.

The great benefit of the APEC CBPR System is that it provides a voluntary, consistent privacy regime across the region that facilitates the efficient and secure transfer of personal data.

“By joining the APEC CBPR System, any Australian services firm who wishes to comply with the System will be able to be certified to operate under a consistent set of privacy rules for the region. This will enhance the privacy and security of personal data that services businesses need to transfer across regional economies, whilst at the same time lowering the costs of compliance.” Alina Bain, ASR CEO said.

“At a time when the Australian Government is urging Australian Services organisations to participate in the regional and global economy, it is vitally important that Australia has joined the APEC CBPR System as it will enable Australian firms to more easily and efficiently participate in regional opportunities”. said Ms Bain.

ASR looks forward to working with the Government and assisting Australian services organisations with the implementation of the APEC CBPR System for Australian services firms.

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