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Taiwan Smart City Pavilion Focus on Three Main ApplicationsTaiwan External Trade Development Council

Source:Taiwan External Trade Development Council

With the ongoing urban population density upsurge, smart cities have become key industries actively promoted by governments of various countries, and have driven industrial innovation and economic development. Coupled with strong growth momentum in emerging markets and a huge demographic dividend, the smart city industry is a major component of the foreseeable future. Taiwan's smart city development has much strength, complemented by a complete ICT industry supply chain and abundant research, development and manufacturing abilities. Taiwan has therefore transformed into a strategic partner for international giant system integrators.

The Taiwan Smart City Pavilion is based on three themes: smart education, smart home and smart transportation, integrating products into classrooms, living rooms, outdoor road and other situational locations, to demonstrate the strength of Taiwanese smart city solutions.

Highlights include a multimedia teaching control system and a multifunctional e-podium that integrates and manages the whole classroom on campus, e-Clean Disinfectant Spray which can effectively destroy common flu bacteria and 71 types of enterovirus that normal Disinfection Alcohol doesn’t, and a time-lapse camera with the best in industry 3-month battery life. We welcome all SI and buyers to visit Taiwan to explore more!