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TAITRA Assists Taiwan's designers and brands to Explore Australian Cultural & Creative OpportunitiesTaiwan External Trade Development Council

Source:Taiwan External Trade Development Council

To assist Taiwan’s designers and brands to explore the overseas markets, under the authorization of Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA, TAITRA has organized an exhibition - “Let’s Tea Party: Taiwan Design Now” to Sydney, Australia (5/31-6/14, 2018). This exhibition is in partnership with the Australian Design Centre in Sydney and led by Australian curator Ms. Annie Ivanova, which is an unprecedented opportunity for Australian and Taiwanese design cultures to learn from each other and exchange ideas.

This is the first time TAITRA has brought together the works of 17 exhibitors, designers and brands to showcase Taiwanese design at the Australian Design Centre in Sydney. Designs on display, from fashion, electronics, kitchenware to bicycles, illuminate how Taiwan has shifted from a manufacturing powerhouse to a design-led culture producing original, high-value and innovative products.

Taiwan’s history of excellence in manufacturing has made it a leader in the range of industrial design innovations. From new tech, such as VR, AI and robotics, to cutting-edge materials and cradle-to-cradle processes, Taiwanese designers have inherited their forefather’s work ethic and understanding that adaptability, efficiency and quality are essential to being relevant in today’s world. And as a result, creative industries are replacing the ‘Made in Taiwan’ tag with ‘Designed in Taiwan’.

Cultural reinvention and economic renewal have surfaced from a new wave of design-oriented thinking. In addition to making goods for overseas buyers, Taiwanese companies are now focused on investing in their own IPs and developing creative products. TAITRA believes Taiwan can be an excellent partner for development in many creative fields.

This design showcase is a global stage from which to present the value of design in Taiwan’s cultural reinvention. With this design showcase, forum and trade mission, TAITRA hopes to inspire interest in cultural and business opportunities between Australia and Taiwan.

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